Keegan Burkhart Loves to Volunteer

As a busy credit management professional in Tampa, Florida, Keegan Burkhart has very little free time. At 27, Keegan Burkhart has already been working in the credit management industry for six years and has just received a major promotion within his company. Formerly a clerk in his company’s credit department, Keegan Burkhart was promoted to become a credit manager in June of this year. Keegan Burkhart’s promotion was due to his outstanding work ethic and his unending devotion to his department’s evolution. Never satisfied with the status quo, Keegan Burkhart earned the attention of his superiors with his constant innovation and astounding productivity.

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart

With such a busy life, you might imagine that Keegan Burkhart has no time to give back to his community. Many 27-year-olds don’t take the time to volunteer, even when they have very little to do. Keegan Burkhart, however, is not only exceptionally hard-working and focused for his age – he is also exceptionally conscientious. In the same way that Keegan Burkhart has always strived to make his workplace better, Keegan Burkhart has also always strived to make his community better. Every weekend, Keegan Burkhart volunteers his time for the Parks Department in Florida. The Parks Department relies on volunteers like Keegan Burkhart to contribute their time and effort to park maintenance and Keegan Burkhart is one of their most reliable volunteers. With his positive attitude and his readiness to tackle any challenge, Keegan Burkhart is also one of their favorites.

While Keegan Burkhart knows the value of relaxation, he finds that time spent volunteering can be very relaxing – even when it is hard work. Keegan Burkhart loves to be outside and while he performs park maintenance, he often finds himself in a relaxed, nearly meditative state. Volunteering also makes Keegan Burkhart feel more connected to his community.


Keegan Burkhart: a Dependable Young Man

Keegan Burkhart is a 27-year-old credit management professional in Tampa, Florida. He has been in the credit management industry for six years and has worked for the same company the entire time. Recently, Keegan Burkhart was promoted from his position as an accounting clerk to a new position as a credit manager. While Keegan Burkhart has many admirable qualities, if his friends, family members, and professional colleagues were asked to describe him in three words, they would probably say: hard-working, thorough, and dependable. Thanks to these qualities, no one was surprised to learn that Keegan Burkhart had been promoted despite his young age. While many 27-year-olds are just starting their careers, Keegan Burkhart has already experienced a major career milestone.

Keegan Burkhart has always been a hard worker and he’s always been thorough. These qualities come naturally to Keegan Burkhart, but that doesn’t mean he performs his tasks without effort. In fact, Keegan Burkhart enjoys challenges and relishes difficult situations. Each time Keegan Burkhart is faced with a problem, it better prepares him for the next problem. As such, his colleagues, friends, and family members have never known Keegan Burkhart to give up on a task before that task is complete. Whether he’s tackling a difficult accounting problem or setting a new personal record while snowboarding in Colorado, Keegan Burkhart is constantly on the lookout for new challenges.

While Keegan Burkhart has had many significant professional and athletic achievements, he also takes pride in his relationships with friends and family. It’s important to be dependable in the workplace, as Keegan Burkhart knows, but being depended on by his friends and family members is equally meaningful. Strong personal ties can be just as rewarding as strong professional ties. While Keegan Burkhart knows that you can’t earn a promotion or raise from one of your friends, there are many intangible benefits to a strong friendship.

Keegan Burkhart is a Loyal, Devoted Employee

Among his bosses, co-workers, and clients, Keegan Burkhart is known for being an incredibly loyal employee. Keegan Burkhart may only be 27 years old, but his loyalty to his company is obvious to everyone he works with. Keegan Burkhart has worked in the credit management industry for six years. Keeping in mind his young age, his six years in the industry often come as a surprise to people who he encounters. Most 27-year-olds haven’t had the opportunity to stick with one career for six years, but most 27-year-olds wouldn’t even want to! Keegan Burkhart is an unusually loyal and mature young man. Keegan Burkhart is also unusually steady and focused for his age. While many young people decide to wait until their 30s to figure out their career goals, Keegan Burkhart chose an industry in his early 20s and stuck with it.

One might be even more surprised to learn that Keegan Burkhart has not only worked in the same industry for six years – he’s worked at the same company for six years. Six years ago, Keegan Burkhart started working in his company’s credit department as a clerk. Co-workers and bosses quickly took note of Keegan Burkhart’s sharp intellect, resourceful mind, and impeccable manners. This June, Keegan Burkhart was acknowledged by his workplace for his creation of a new manual.

The new manual, created by Keegan Burkhart, details all of the accounting procedures used daily by accounting clerks. After six years as an accounting clerk, Keegan Burkhart certainly knew the ropes. His manual was a huge success and will be used as a training guide for accounting clerks in the future. As it turned out, Keegan Burkhart wasn’t to be an accounting clerk for much longer! Also in June of this year, Keegan Burkhart was promoted within his company, from accounting clerk to credit manager.

Avid Snowboarder: Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart is a passionate snowboarder. A resident of Tampa, Florida, Keegan Burkhart doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to snowboard at home. For this reason, Keegan Burkhart frequently travels to Colorado, where skiers and snowboard alike enjoy some of the highest trails in the United States. Keegan Burkhart appreciates Colorado’s incredible diversity of skiing and snowboarding resorts. Whether he’s in the mood for a small, no-frills, pure snowboarding experience, or a huge resort with endless trails, there’s a resort in Colorado that will perfectly meet Keegan Burkhart’s needs.

Many people come to Colorado to enjoy other winter sports, like skiing, but for Keegan Burkhart, it’s all about snowboarding. Keegan Burkhart may be a hard-working credit manager with many responsibilities, but at only 27 years old, Keegan Burkhart sometimes feels the need to let loose. Keegan Burkhart is known for his work ethic and dedication, but he highly values his rare leisure time. In Florida, most of Keegan Burkhart’s time is devoted to his work in the credit management industry, his family, and his friends. Keegan Burkhart doesn’t even take weekends off – instead, he volunteers for Florida’s Parks Department. Because Keegan Burkhart is always busy, he makes sure to set aside time to unwind. Keegan Burkhart’s favorite way to take a much-deserved break is to visit the state of Colorado.

Keegan Burkhart doesn’t mind that he has to travel to Colorado in order to snowboard. While some people might balk at the expense of travel, especially when you factor in the costs of snowboarding equipment and lessons, Keegan Burkhart simply sets aside the money early. By snowboarding in Colorado at every chance he gets, Keegan Burkhart knows he is investing in his long-term mental health. Also, as a professional credit manager, Keegan Burkhart is highly skilled at managing his money.

Colorado: Keegan Burkhart’s Favorite State

Colorado is known as one of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors. As an avid snowboarder and off-roader, Colorado is unquestionably Keegan Burkhart’s favorite state to visit. Keegan Burkhart lives in Florida, which in many ways is the opposite of Colorado. While Colorado is thought of as outdoorsy, spacious, and wholesome, many people associate Florida with beaches, a thrilling nightlife, and large crowds. The two states do have one thing in common, however: both provide a wealth of opportunities to enjoy nature. While Keegan Burkhart loves Florida’s beaches and oceans, he also loves Colorado’s snowy mountains and stunning hiking trails.  As a hard-working credit manager, Keegan Burkhart may have an incredibly busy schedule, but he still visits Colorado at every chance that he gets.

There are many things to admire about the state of Colorado. Keegan Burkhart particularly admires the mountains of Colorado. As a snowboarder, Keegan Burkhart can especially appreciate Colorado’s extra-high peaks. Although more than one-third of Colorado is flat – these are the famous Great Plains of Colorado – Colorado is also the only state that lies completely above 3,281 feet in elevation. Keegan Burkhart points out that Colorado’s mountains, which reach as high as 14,440 feet, mark the highest elevation point of anywhere in the United States.

Although the Rocky Mountains in Colorado have peaks that reach 14,000 feet, or higher, Keegan Burkhart knows that the Rocky Mountains are not the best mountains for snowboarding. Only a fraction of the Rocky Mountains are covered in snow year round, which is why Keegan Burkhart prefers other mountains when it’s time to find a snowboarding resort. Keegan Burkhart’s favorite mountains for snowboarding include Copper Mountain, Buttermilk Mountain, Vail Mountain, Monarch Mountain, and Durango Mountain. Copper Mountain is just 75 miles west of Denver and offers the longest ski and snowboarding season in the western half of the United States.

Keegan Burkhart is an Honest, Trustworthy Friend

In his 27 years on this planet, Keegan Burkhart has made many friends. Like most people, Keegan Burkhart recalls that as a child, friendships formed easily. You might have chosen your best friend based on their house’s proximity to your house or their willingness to trade desserts at lunch. Keegan Burkhart also recalls that maintaining friendships is much easier for children – even when children deeply offend one another, they tend to forgive and forget the next day.

As an adult, Keegan Burkhart has learned that making and keeping friends is a much more complicated matter. Adults hold one another to higher standards. Keegan Burkhart, for example, would never want to be friends with someone who is disloyal or dishonest. On the other hand, because Keegan Burkhart is a naturally honest and trustworthy person, many people seek his friendship.

Keegan Burkhart has also noticed, however, that the lessons about friendship that he learned as a child are still relevant lessons today. In elementary school, Keegan Burkhart was taught to share with others, to not tell lies, and to help his friends whenever he could. Today, as a busy professional working in the credit management industry, Keegan Burkhart still does everything he can to honor those lessons. Keegan Burkhart has enjoyed enormous professional success, which means that he can be incredibly generous with his friends. Keegan Burkhart feels lucky that he can share his success with his friends and does so purely out of affection. Keegan Burkhart also has earned a reputation as an honest, trustworthy friend. He never lies to his friends – in fact, his friends count on Keegan Burkhart for truly honest opinions. Keegan Burkhart’s friends have also learned to count on him in other ways. For one, he always follows through on his promises. When Keegan Burkhart makes a promise, he keeps it.

Keegan Burkhart Believes That Honesty is Key

Keegan Burkhart is a naturally honest person and has never had a difficult time telling the truth. As Keegan Burkhart has learned in his young life, people who frequently lie lack integrity. Keegan Burkhart believes that even small lies in the name of convenience can have some very inconvenient outcomes. There are always, of course, situations in which it’s difficult to be honest. For example, you might want to skip a boring dinner party without offending the host or you might be asked to comment on someone’s hideous new T-shirt. In these sorts of situations, Keegan Burkhart admits that a small lie might be preferable, but you still risk being caught in the lie later. Even when your intentions are good, an innocent lie sometimes turns into several lies and, before long, you’re in dangerous territory.

Even a lie that seems convenient or polite, as Keegan Burkhart knows, can often lead to a situation that is both inconvenient and rude. If your lie is discovered, the discoverer may never trust you again. You may also offend the person you innocently lied to. In Keegan Burkhart’s opinion, all of this can be avoided if you’re willing to be honest from the beginning.

For that reason, Keegan Burkhart values honesty over convenience whenever possible. A policy of honesty, over a period of time, is how two people can develop genuine feelings of trust for one another. Keegan Burkhart has observed this phenomenon in his workplace, within his family, and in his relationships with friends. While honesty can be difficult at first – sometimes, such as in the previously discussed examples, honesty can be extremely uncomfortable – it pays off in the long run. Because Keegan Burkhart is always honest, he has become the person that his co-workers, friends, and family members turn to for advice.