Parks Department Volunteer – Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart is a strong supporter of our country’s park system. Keegan Burkhart really enjoys spending time outdoors. He also supports the concept of preserving land for the purpose of promoting outdoor recreation. Keegan Burkhart feels that the park system does a wonderful job of promoting outdoor recreation and the preservation of natural space. Keegan Burkhart feels that it is important for people to have a hands on role in supporting the things that are important to them. That is why Keegan Burkhart devotes time each weekend to volunteering with his local parks department.

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart feels that everyone has talents and abilities that can be shared through volunteer efforts. Keegan Burkhart is an amateur handyman with an aptitude for fixing things. He uses these skills when he volunteers with the parks department in his community. Keegan Burkhart has earned a reputation as an eager volunteer. The volunteer coordinators at the parks department note that Keegan Burkhart is a hard worker and a dedicated volunteer who is dependable.

Keegan Burkhart‘s strong work ethic carries over into his volunteer work. He can always be relied upon to make sure his projects are completed.

Keegan Burkhart believes that volunteer work is an important part of being a good citizen. Keegan Burkhart feels that people should give of their time and talents to improve the quality of life for everyone. The parks department is often a target for budget cuts, he notes. As a result of the decrease in funding, many parks departments are forced to reduce services. Keegan Burkhart is proud that he can help the parks department as a volunteer and in turn help to ensure that they can operate for all to enjoy. Keegan Burkhart hopes that everyone will consider how they can also help their community through volunteer efforts.


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