Keegan Burkhart: Patriot

Keegan Burkhart is a fine example of an American patriot. He feels a great love for his nation and his fellow Americans. Keegan Burkhart believes in the founding principles of the United States. Keegan Burkhart has an interest in history. He enjoys reading about the early history of the United States. Keegan Burkhart has a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by the many Americans throughout our country’s history that have ensured the continued freedoms and privileges that our citizens enjoy. Keegan Burkhart feels that when citizens adopt a patriotic attitude it benefits our nation. Keegan Burkhart’s public spirit manifests in his willingness to make sacrifices of his own in order to better his community.

Keegan Burkhart understands that as citizens we all have a responsibility for the success and prosperity of our nation. Keegan Burkhart believes in doing his best to be a productive and hard working citizen. Keegan Burkhart has worked for the same employer for the past six years. He demonstrates a strong work ethic and takes pride in performing his duties well. Keegan Burkhart knows that hard work is an example of how Americans show pride in their country. Keegan Burkhart tries to model the type of behavior that has made our country great. He has been recognized by his employer for his excellent attendance record. He has also been acknowledged for his innovative solutions to myriad problems on the job. Keegan Burkhart has used his critical reasoning skills to come up with solutions that have streamlined many processes saving his employer time and money.

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart also believes that in order to be a good citizen one should volunteer to help the community. Keegan Burkhart enjoys volunteer work and he dedicates a portion of every weekend to helping out in his local community. Keegan Burkhart is a volunteer with his local parks department. He is recognized as a hard worker who is reliable and takes pride in his work. Keegan Burkhart feels that all citizens should employ their talents toward the improvement of their communities. Keegan Burkhart has strong feelings about his role in society, especially for such a young person. Keegan Burkhart’s strong values make him a fine example of a patriotic American.


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