Jeep Off-Roading with Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart really enjoys off-roading in his Jeep. He likes the thrill of the adventure and it is a way for him to spend time with his friends. Keegan Burkhart knows that many people would like to have an off-road experience. Keegan Burkhart is an advocate for the fun and excitement of off-roading. He also knows that off-roading can have dangers. He advises anyone who is considering taking their vehicle off-road to adhere to some basic safety measures.

Before you take your vehicle off-road you should perform some basic safety checks. Keegan Burkhart suggests making sure that your vehicle is in good working order. Start by topping off all of your fluids especially oil and gas. Make sure that your tires are in good condition and that your vehicle’s battery is securely fastened. Keegan Burkhart notes that it is a good idea to off-road with a buddy, especially if you are exploring an unfamiliar area.

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart

The vehicle you use for the purposes of off-roading should have four wheel drives. Keegan Burkhart suggests using this option before you encounter a situation that will require it. Keegan Burkhart knows from experience that it is much easier to anticipate the need for four wheel drive then to try to engage it after you are stuck. It is important that the driver of the vehicle is always alert for obstacles in front and to both sides of the vehicle. Keegan Burkhart notes that off-roading is a total rush but that it does require a vigilant eye on the part of the driver.

Keegan Burkhart also advocates for the preservation of off-road trails. Keegan Burkhart notes that a smart rule to follow is to leave the trail in good condition. Driving too fast or not obeying posted guidelines ruins the trail for others. Keegan Burkhart notes that one of the best parts of off-roading is the ability to access parts of nature that are isolated. He hopes that everyone will approach off-roading with respect.


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