Keegan Burkhart Sacrificed For His Career

Even when he was very young, Keegan Burkhart’s drive to succeed was obvious to everyone who knew him. Of course, everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone is driven to do so. Anyone can imagine success, but driven people, like Keegan Burkhart, are also willing to sacrifice for that success. Even so, there are some things that Keegan Burkhart would never sacrifice, even to become wildly successful. These things include his integrity, his loyalty, his relationships with his friends and family members, and his core values.

On the other hand, there are many other things that Keegan Burkhart has willingly sacrificed in order to achieve his career goals. When Keegan Burkhart was incredibly young – only 21 years old – Keegan Burkhart began working in the credit management industry. As you might imagine, not many young people are drawn to the credit management industry. Many people at that age have only recently graduated from college and they are often most interested in partying, traveling, soul-searching, and relaxing. Keegan Burkhart, however, was willing to sacrifice his prime partying days in order to develop his career. Keegan Burkhart was unusually driven and motivated, even at the age of 21. He chose an industry – credit management – and he sacrificed in order to get his foot in the door.

Only six years later, at the age of 27, Keegan Burkhart’s sacrifices have already paid off. This June, Keegan Burkhart was promoted to a new position. Formerly a clerk in the credit department of his company, Keegan Burkhart is a now a credit manager. Now that’s he’s a little bit older, Keegan Burkhart has no regrets about the sacrifices that he made. While many people panic when they approach 30, suddenly wondering which career they should pursue, Keegan Burkhart has nothing to worry about because he knows that his future is secure.


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