Keegan Burkhart is a Patriotic American

Keegan Burkhart is nothing if not patriotic. He is proud to call himself an American and, as such, Keegan Burkhart has pledged to stand by his country regardless of his personal opinions. As anyone who knows Keegan Burkhart could tell you, one of his most notable qualities is his loyalty. Keegan Burkhart is loyal to his company – he’s been working at the same credit management company for six years. Keegan Burkhart is loyal to his friends and family members – as each one knows, Keegan Burkhart is always available to them in times of need. Finally, Keegan Burkhart is loyal to his country. He is willing to support his government unconditionally, even when his government’s actions are in conflict with his personal views.

Keegan Burkhart makes decisions based on logic and reason, rather than unexamined reactions or prejudices. Because of his exceptional ability to think logically, Keegan Burkhart realizes that he can’t refuse to support his government simply because he disagrees with some of their individual actions. As long as his government can justify their actions legally and ethically, Keegan Burkhart is willing to support his government – even if he would’ve made a different decision himself. Keegan Burkhart is mindful that he’ll never agree with every decision that his government makes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t patriotic.

Keegan Burkhart is grateful to live in a thriving democracy. When Keegan Burkhart casts his vote for a candidate or makes his decision about a ballot measure, he knows that his opinion won’t be the only one that is heard. Still, because he lives in a democracy, Keegan Burkhart knows that his opinion will be heard, which many people in other countries can’t be sure of. Keegan Burkhart is proud to be an American. He is loyal in every aspect of his life and his citizenship is no exception.


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