Keegan Burkhart Believes That Honesty is Key

Keegan Burkhart is a naturally honest person and has never had a difficult time telling the truth. As Keegan Burkhart has learned in his young life, people who frequently lie lack integrity. Keegan Burkhart believes that even small lies in the name of convenience can have some very inconvenient outcomes. There are always, of course, situations in which it’s difficult to be honest. For example, you might want to skip a boring dinner party without offending the host or you might be asked to comment on someone’s hideous new T-shirt. In these sorts of situations, Keegan Burkhart admits that a small lie might be preferable, but you still risk being caught in the lie later. Even when your intentions are good, an innocent lie sometimes turns into several lies and, before long, you’re in dangerous territory.

Even a lie that seems convenient or polite, as Keegan Burkhart knows, can often lead to a situation that is both inconvenient and rude. If your lie is discovered, the discoverer may never trust you again. You may also offend the person you innocently lied to. In Keegan Burkhart’s opinion, all of this can be avoided if you’re willing to be honest from the beginning.

For that reason, Keegan Burkhart values honesty over convenience whenever possible. A policy of honesty, over a period of time, is how two people can develop genuine feelings of trust for one another. Keegan Burkhart has observed this phenomenon in his workplace, within his family, and in his relationships with friends. While honesty can be difficult at first – sometimes, such as in the previously discussed examples, honesty can be extremely uncomfortable – it pays off in the long run. Because Keegan Burkhart is always honest, he has become the person that his co-workers, friends, and family members turn to for advice.


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