Keegan Burkhart is an Honest, Trustworthy Friend

In his 27 years on this planet, Keegan Burkhart has made many friends. Like most people, Keegan Burkhart recalls that as a child, friendships formed easily. You might have chosen your best friend based on their house’s proximity to your house or their willingness to trade desserts at lunch. Keegan Burkhart also recalls that maintaining friendships is much easier for children – even when children deeply offend one another, they tend to forgive and forget the next day.

As an adult, Keegan Burkhart has learned that making and keeping friends is a much more complicated matter. Adults hold one another to higher standards. Keegan Burkhart, for example, would never want to be friends with someone who is disloyal or dishonest. On the other hand, because Keegan Burkhart is a naturally honest and trustworthy person, many people seek his friendship.

Keegan Burkhart has also noticed, however, that the lessons about friendship that he learned as a child are still relevant lessons today. In elementary school, Keegan Burkhart was taught to share with others, to not tell lies, and to help his friends whenever he could. Today, as a busy professional working in the credit management industry, Keegan Burkhart still does everything he can to honor those lessons. Keegan Burkhart has enjoyed enormous professional success, which means that he can be incredibly generous with his friends. Keegan Burkhart feels lucky that he can share his success with his friends and does so purely out of affection. Keegan Burkhart also has earned a reputation as an honest, trustworthy friend. He never lies to his friends – in fact, his friends count on Keegan Burkhart for truly honest opinions. Keegan Burkhart’s friends have also learned to count on him in other ways. For one, he always follows through on his promises. When Keegan Burkhart makes a promise, he keeps it.


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