Colorado: Keegan Burkhart’s Favorite State

Colorado is known as one of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors. As an avid snowboarder and off-roader, Colorado is unquestionably Keegan Burkhart’s favorite state to visit. Keegan Burkhart lives in Florida, which in many ways is the opposite of Colorado. While Colorado is thought of as outdoorsy, spacious, and wholesome, many people associate Florida with beaches, a thrilling nightlife, and large crowds. The two states do have one thing in common, however: both provide a wealth of opportunities to enjoy nature. While Keegan Burkhart loves Florida’s beaches and oceans, he also loves Colorado’s snowy mountains and stunning hiking trails.  As a hard-working credit manager, Keegan Burkhart may have an incredibly busy schedule, but he still visits Colorado at every chance that he gets.

There are many things to admire about the state of Colorado. Keegan Burkhart particularly admires the mountains of Colorado. As a snowboarder, Keegan Burkhart can especially appreciate Colorado’s extra-high peaks. Although more than one-third of Colorado is flat – these are the famous Great Plains of Colorado – Colorado is also the only state that lies completely above 3,281 feet in elevation. Keegan Burkhart points out that Colorado’s mountains, which reach as high as 14,440 feet, mark the highest elevation point of anywhere in the United States.

Although the Rocky Mountains in Colorado have peaks that reach 14,000 feet, or higher, Keegan Burkhart knows that the Rocky Mountains are not the best mountains for snowboarding. Only a fraction of the Rocky Mountains are covered in snow year round, which is why Keegan Burkhart prefers other mountains when it’s time to find a snowboarding resort. Keegan Burkhart’s favorite mountains for snowboarding include Copper Mountain, Buttermilk Mountain, Vail Mountain, Monarch Mountain, and Durango Mountain. Copper Mountain is just 75 miles west of Denver and offers the longest ski and snowboarding season in the western half of the United States.


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