Avid Snowboarder: Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart is a passionate snowboarder. A resident of Tampa, Florida, Keegan Burkhart doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to snowboard at home. For this reason, Keegan Burkhart frequently travels to Colorado, where skiers and snowboard alike enjoy some of the highest trails in the United States. Keegan Burkhart appreciates Colorado’s incredible diversity of skiing and snowboarding resorts. Whether he’s in the mood for a small, no-frills, pure snowboarding experience, or a huge resort with endless trails, there’s a resort in Colorado that will perfectly meet Keegan Burkhart’s needs.

Many people come to Colorado to enjoy other winter sports, like skiing, but for Keegan Burkhart, it’s all about snowboarding. Keegan Burkhart may be a hard-working credit manager with many responsibilities, but at only 27 years old, Keegan Burkhart sometimes feels the need to let loose. Keegan Burkhart is known for his work ethic and dedication, but he highly values his rare leisure time. In Florida, most of Keegan Burkhart’s time is devoted to his work in the credit management industry, his family, and his friends. Keegan Burkhart doesn’t even take weekends off – instead, he volunteers for Florida’s Parks Department. Because Keegan Burkhart is always busy, he makes sure to set aside time to unwind. Keegan Burkhart’s favorite way to take a much-deserved break is to visit the state of Colorado.

Keegan Burkhart doesn’t mind that he has to travel to Colorado in order to snowboard. While some people might balk at the expense of travel, especially when you factor in the costs of snowboarding equipment and lessons, Keegan Burkhart simply sets aside the money early. By snowboarding in Colorado at every chance he gets, Keegan Burkhart knows he is investing in his long-term mental health. Also, as a professional credit manager, Keegan Burkhart is highly skilled at managing his money.


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