Keegan Burkhart is a Loyal, Devoted Employee

Among his bosses, co-workers, and clients, Keegan Burkhart is known for being an incredibly loyal employee. Keegan Burkhart may only be 27 years old, but his loyalty to his company is obvious to everyone he works with. Keegan Burkhart has worked in the credit management industry for six years. Keeping in mind his young age, his six years in the industry often come as a surprise to people who he encounters. Most 27-year-olds haven’t had the opportunity to stick with one career for six years, but most 27-year-olds wouldn’t even want to! Keegan Burkhart is an unusually loyal and mature young man. Keegan Burkhart is also unusually steady and focused for his age. While many young people decide to wait until their 30s to figure out their career goals, Keegan Burkhart chose an industry in his early 20s and stuck with it.

One might be even more surprised to learn that Keegan Burkhart has not only worked in the same industry for six years – he’s worked at the same company for six years. Six years ago, Keegan Burkhart started working in his company’s credit department as a clerk. Co-workers and bosses quickly took note of Keegan Burkhart’s sharp intellect, resourceful mind, and impeccable manners. This June, Keegan Burkhart was acknowledged by his workplace for his creation of a new manual.

The new manual, created by Keegan Burkhart, details all of the accounting procedures used daily by accounting clerks. After six years as an accounting clerk, Keegan Burkhart certainly knew the ropes. His manual was a huge success and will be used as a training guide for accounting clerks in the future. As it turned out, Keegan Burkhart wasn’t to be an accounting clerk for much longer! Also in June of this year, Keegan Burkhart was promoted within his company, from accounting clerk to credit manager.


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