Keegan Burkhart Loves to Volunteer

As a busy credit management professional in Tampa, Florida, Keegan Burkhart has very little free time. At 27, Keegan Burkhart has already been working in the credit management industry for six years and has just received a major promotion within his company. Formerly a clerk in his company’s credit department, Keegan Burkhart was promoted to become a credit manager in June of this year. Keegan Burkhart’s promotion was due to his outstanding work ethic and his unending devotion to his department’s evolution. Never satisfied with the status quo, Keegan Burkhart earned the attention of his superiors with his constant innovation and astounding productivity.

Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart

With such a busy life, you might imagine that Keegan Burkhart has no time to give back to his community. Many 27-year-olds don’t take the time to volunteer, even when they have very little to do. Keegan Burkhart, however, is not only exceptionally hard-working and focused for his age – he is also exceptionally conscientious. In the same way that Keegan Burkhart has always strived to make his workplace better, Keegan Burkhart has also always strived to make his community better. Every weekend, Keegan Burkhart volunteers his time for the Parks Department in Florida. The Parks Department relies on volunteers like Keegan Burkhart to contribute their time and effort to park maintenance and Keegan Burkhart is one of their most reliable volunteers. With his positive attitude and his readiness to tackle any challenge, Keegan Burkhart is also one of their favorites.

While Keegan Burkhart knows the value of relaxation, he finds that time spent volunteering can be very relaxing – even when it is hard work. Keegan Burkhart loves to be outside and while he performs park maintenance, he often finds himself in a relaxed, nearly meditative state. Volunteering also makes Keegan Burkhart feel more connected to his community.


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